Johnny Come Lately – New Kid in Town!

If you’re thinking of moving or have recently moved to a new area, then supply teaching could be the ideal choice for you!

Relocating is a big upheaval, and the change can bring pressure to settle down quickly.  Looking for the right job can be an added burden, and it takes time to get a feel for where the right fit for you as a teacher might be.  Supply teaching can allow you to test the water in the local schools before committing to a permanent position and can ensure you are making the right, informed choices… you never know you might love supply so much you won’t want to give it up!

New to the area?


The beauty of supply teaching is the flexibility it offers.   This is such a bonus when starting afresh in a new place. Admin tasks can appear overwhelming alongside your work commitments, but as a supply teacher you are in control of your work schedule.  You can decide when, where and who you want to work for, allowing you the opportunity to settle into your new area.

Supply teaching can also give you a window into the life of the community.  It can allow you to chat with fellow teachers to get inside knowledge of the area and the local schools.

Finding a reputable, reliable agency can be vital to matching you to suitable positions and getting a steady stream of work. A local agency who really understands the demographics is a valuable resource and will support you in finding the right roles for you.

Supply teaching may not be for everybody or what you envisage for the long term, but if you are looking for more flexibility and a better work-life balance, even just for a while, then it may be the perfect answer.


It’s What We Do:testimonial

Key Education is an established, dedicated teaching agency who has been providing local schools across East Anglia with committed supply staff for over 15 years.  We can provide you with many great benefits and rewards, but most importantly, we are dedicated to matching teachers to opportunities that will work for them.  We offer fair rates of pay and have local knowledge that can help with your job search.  Whether you are a newbie to the supply world or a seasoned professional, our outstanding support and advice will help you every step of the way. Register today!

Whether you’re an ECT, experienced teacher or an instructor, if you have recently moved to East Anglia or are considering relocating, then please get in touch. Key Education is an agency that pays attention to detail to build trusting relationships and cares about its candidates.  Why not take a look at the vacancies we currently have on offer?




Samantha Dyson is the Managing Director of Key Education Services Ltd. an Independent Supply Teaching Agency that offers teachers flexibility and schools local, passionate and experienced staff since 2006.